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Calling all Creators

We have recently launched a new store in the main square of the Dublin Region which is intended to offer some basic free items to the newest members of Second Life.

We all remember our first daunting days of second life, and trying to find our way around the virtual world.

As a designated LL Community Gateway and one of the oldest live music venues in Second Life, we see many new people through our doors daily. We strive to make Dublin both a fun place and also a place where people can come to start out in their Second Life.
We are looking for Second Life creators both professional and those that just enjoy it for fun, to help us stock up our new freebie store on the Region. There is no limit to what people can contribute and we will be most grateful for anything you wish to offer.

The pimary needs are body components, such as shapes/skins/or ready made avi's along with both male/female clothing, shoes and hair.
With the vast traffic Dublin experiences daily, there is an opportunity for you to receive some exposure for your brand and we are most happy for you to display your logo's, landmarks and promotional material as a thank you for helping us to achieve a welcoming area for the newest members of Second Life.
How to Get Involved?

Its simple really - Send an IM or Notecard to Dee (DaireannNiMhurchu) inworld and we can share our vendor board with you or if you wish, you are welcome to set up using your own vendor boards - We are happy to work with any and all creators to make sure they have a place in our new Dublin location. Check out our shopping page to see our current contributors to the store.

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