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LX Tomrrow

Dublin Live Artist

LX’s RL person HAS moved, and all of his music equipment HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND …… I am returning

- LXIX Tomorrow (or just “LX” for short)

- Classic and contemporary rock covers … and other stuff

- Foo Fighters to Jimmy Buffett, and everything in between

- Always live, never any backtracks, karaoke, or “band in a box” type stuff ... just me and my guitar

- I've been playing guitar since I was knee high to a grasshopper, usually for other people, rarely singing myself, but I've recently found my Second Life voice.  I still say I sound like a cat being strangled ... but people seem to be like’n it

- USED TO BE available Sunday evening through Thursday evening, after 6:00pm (PST), but NOW I’M RETIRED and I can play whenever the hell I feel like it, check my calendar to see what I have planned

- 250 listener stream, or I can use yours, whichever works best for you … I also recently got SL voice working on Linux (yes, I’m a Linux user), so that’s now an option


Click here for LX's calendar

Click here for LX's song list

Click here for LX's YouTube videos (thanks to Drutim Bates)

Click here to see the equipment I’m using to perform

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