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Wald Schridde

Dublin Live Artist

Wald sings and plays mostly folk, traditional, and early music on guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, recorders, and other instruments. His live sets include vocal and instrumental folk tunes, traditional airs, songs of the sea, medieval and Renaissance songs and dances, and an occasional original.

Wald Schridde is a self-taught, multi-instrumental musician who enjoys playing medieval and Renaissance music, as well as traditional English, Irish, Scottish, and North American folk tunes. His shows in Second Life feature songs, dances, ballads, and sea shanties dating from the 13th through the 21st centuries, played on guitar, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, recorders, penny whistles and synths.
Wald began playing medieval, Renaissance, and folk music while in high school and college. His love of this music has continued through his adult life. Although he stopped doing folk music for a time while pursuing his RL career, he continued singing with various groups, and performing and recording medieval and Renaissance instrumental music. Inspired by the live music scene in SL, Wald dusted off his folk instruments and began performing here in 2014.
Wald is the Parish Minstrel of Renaissance Island in Second Life, and is a member of a Renaissance music consort in RL.


Wald's Soundcloud

Stream Link: http://TheStreamteam1.serverroom.us:4182

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