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Angus Kenin

Dublin Live Artist

Eclectic Jukebox.  With over 300 songs in the set & request list, Angus' Acoustic guitar and vocal performances will have something to suit any tastes.  And if not, make a request for something "off the list".  If he can't fake it immediately, Angus is always up to the challenge.

Angus has been playing music for longer than he can remember.  Piano, Trumpet, Bass, Harmonica, Guitar and even some Mandolin and Banjo thrown in for good measure, Angus' love of all music styles shows in his Second Life acoustic performances.   

Angus has an impressive 300 songs that are can be performed live at a moments notice. However, he’s always ready to improvise and perform cover requests on the spot. Angus’s philosophy is, if he can hum it he can play it! In his covers, Angus always enjoys lending his vocals and guitar skills to the songs that people know and love.  

Ultimately, Angus is not only just a musician but a fervent music fan. He never restricts himself to a specific kind of sound. In his solo work, he seamlessly blurs the lines between styles and genres and infuses his cover songs with his own distinctive personality.

Angus’s always puts a fresh and unique spin on the classic songs he covers. His sound is retro-inspired with a soft and enchanting vibe. Not only does Angus stay true to the original soul of each song, he always brings an intimate and contemporary feel to each cover.

Some of Angus’s most popular requests are for rock numbers from legends such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who. Angus also enjoys covering more underground songs, from blues icons like Howlin’ Wolf and country singers such as Gillian Welch. From rock and country to blues and jazz, Angus does it all!


Stream Link: http://listen.studiokc.com

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